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The Dynaflow WALKIN Fume cupboard is suitable for TALL APPARATUS Chemistry applications in Educational, Research, Mining and various other laboratories.
Note: Special applications like Perchloric, Hydrofloric, Radioisotope will require additional features in the Fume cupboards to be suitable for the application.
Please refer to relevant section in the selection guide if your application falls in these special categories.
Model Dynaflow 1200WIN Dynaflow 1500WIN Dynaflow 1800WIN Dynaflow 2000WIN Dynaflow 2400WIN
External Sizes 1200 x 890 x 2435 1500 x 890 x 2435 1800 x 890 x 2435 2000 x 890 x 2435 2400 x 890 x 2435
Design Face velocity 0.5 meters / sec
Maximum Air Qty at Design velocity 311 Litres / Sec 405 Litres / Sec 498 Litres / Sec 561 Litres / Sec 685 Litres / Sec
Variable Volume ( sash Fully Open) 311 Litres / Sec 405 Litres / Sec 498 Litres / Sec 561 Litres / Sec 685 Litres / Sec
Variable Volume ( sash Open 250mm) 124 Litres / Sec 162 Litres / Sec 200 Litres / Sec 224 Litres / Sec 274 Litres / Sec
Variable Volume ( sash Fully Closed) 50 Litres / Sec 65 Litres / Sec 80 Litres / Sec 90 Litres / Sec 110 Litres / Sec
Worktop Material High Pressure Laminate TRESPA, Stainless Steel, EPOXY, CERAMIC
Available WorK Area 1000 x 580 1300 x 580 1600 x 580 1800 x 580 2200 x 580
Construction Design Double Skin Type
Sump Material Flat base worktop
Inner Chamber Material Moulded GRP ( STD) Optional Stainless Steel or Lead Lined
Outer Panel Material Moulded GRP ( STD) Optional Stainless Steel
Aerodynamic Front Facia Material One Piece Moulded GRP Picture Frame Aerodynamic
Sash Material 6mm Toughened glass
Aerodynaamic Rectangular Outlet Size          
Operator Control Panel Dynasafe Control System
Internal Pre-wiring Fully Pre-wired
Power Supplies 240V Single Phase ( Std) Optional as necessary for various countries
Services OPTIONS          
Extra Sinks in Sump Drip Cups can be located at high level
Water Services Cold water, Hot Water, RO Water, Mixer
Dry Services Town Gas, Nitrogen, Compressed Air, Vacuum, Argon and various others available
Power Points 10 Amp Double, 15 Amp Single and Other special types available
  • AS2243.8
  • AS3000 Wiring Rules
Benefits and Features
  • Energy Efficient Syncroflow variable Air volume system
  • Corrosion Resistant, Temperature Resistant GRP Construction
  • Aerodynamic Design for Maximum containment
  • Fire Retardant GRP Contruction
Additional Items Necessary for Fume cupboard Operation
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Exhaust Ductwork
  • Power Supply