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For over 30 years, Dynaflow has been assisting laboratories worldwide with the fume and contamination control equipment they need. It is our obsession to ensure that every laboratory is safe at all times in our hands. We are devoted to giving assistance in protecting your most valuable assets. We specialize in the consultation, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of scientific and laboratory controlled environment equipment.

Our products are designed to ensure the maximum safety and performance. We use the highest quality materials and processes. With our extensive experience industry, we guarantee the high value of our products. At Dynaflow, we can provide you with ongoing maintenance, conducted by highly qualified technicians.

Ductless or Ducted Fume Cupboard?

As the name implies, a ducted fume cupboard is typically a large piece of equipment, responsible for the ventilation. The air within the cupboard is drawn from the laboratory space into a duct system. The contaminated air is then evacuated into the outside atmosphere.

It is designed to provide a safe working environment, containment toxic fumes within the fume cupboard chamber. The main advantages of a ducted system are the complete removal of fumes from the worktop, they require minimal maintenance and the exhaust fans are generally located external to the building hence reducing noise level in the laboratory or classroom.

A ductless fume hood system does not have ducts to evacuate toxic fumes. The system relies on absorption and filtration to remove all contaminants released in the cabinet.

Additionally, a hazard identification and risk assessment process shall be carried out concerning the chemicals and activities planned for a particular recirculating fume cabinet prior to its purchase (as per Australian / New Zealand Standard AS2243.9:2009).

A broad product range is offered by Dynaflow with extensible customizable solutions.

In accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 2243.8 – 2014 Safety in Laboratories, ducted fume cupboards are required to be constructed and maintained. The Australian Standard requires fume cupboards to have their performance tested on a regular basis. Testing of the face velocity together with smoke testing should occur on an annual basis.

Dynaflow takes pride in regurlarly testing all its installed cupboards to ensure compliance and safety for all operators and clients.

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Our alignment with providing a cost-effective way to satisfy the majority of requirements makes us a leader in the ducted fume cupboard manufacturing and installing industry.

We are able to provide the highest standards of product quality, with an integrated approach to technical, sales and service support.

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