Dynaflow online fume cupboard awareness training course. This course caters towards laboratory users working with fume cupboards. Minimise the risks and get trained in safe usage of a fume cupboard.
At the end of the course, users will have undergone:

  • Basic introduction to laboratory fume cupboards and its various components
  • Awareness of fume cupboard operations and its safety aspects
  • Effectiveness of fume cupboards for safe containment of hazardous fumes
  • Fume cupboard components and their safety features
  • Guidelines for safe and correct usage of a fume cupboard
  • Helpful Do’s and Don't’s

A certificate of completion will be provided for the user that has successfully completed the course.

Course duration: Approx. 30 – 45 mins.
Language: English.
Audio: Yes.
Assessment: Yes, at end of course.