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Compliance, Safety & Energy Upgrade


Common major non – compliances

  • Electrical socket outlets are protected by RCD’s and fitted with illuminated indicators
  • Power failure audible alarm have the capacity to operate for at least 20 minutes
  • Emergency isolator present and suitable labelled and require manual resetting
  • 1 minute delay is achieved from establishment of adequate airflow before gas and electricity supplies are made available to the fume cupboard (pre-purge)
  • When fume cupboard is switched off, fan runs for 20 minutes but gas and electricity supplies are not available (post-purge)
  • Minimum 400 Lux lighting at work surface


  • Heat detector upgrade for high temperature work conducted in fume cupboards
  • Flexible extraction arm system for local exhaust (Please refer the ancillary exhaust system page for more information)
  • Slotted Wall Hoods for local or equipment exhaust (Please refer the ancillary exhaust system page for more information)
  • Chemical safety storage cabinet venting and alarm kit upgrades (Please refer the ancillary exhaust system page for more information)


  • Fume cupboards control panel upgrades to latest Dynaflow Dynasafe MK5 that provide High sash alarm to prompt user to lower the sash after being left open and auto timers on fume cupboards lights operation
  • Converting Constant Air Volume (CAV) to Variable Air Volume (VAV) ‘Syncroflow’ when permitted for reducing energy consumption
  • Motorised Auto sash Option and retro fitting to existing GRP type fume cupboards – automatically lower sash to minimum position on operator non-presence after a predetermined set time
  • Room Exhaust Alarm which prompts lab floor manager of abnormal total exhaust from all fume cupboards that exceeds the lab design exhausts. Requires BMS card kit in the fume cupboard which give BMS DDC ouputs connecting to the site BMS DDC system
  • Replacing existing exhaust fans with high efficiency motors compliant to MEPS2 requirement


Product Name
Dynasafe MK2 - Prior to 1992
Dynasafe MK3 Booklet - Year of Use : 1992 - 2009
Dynasafe MK4 - Few Projects between 2006 - 2007
Dynasafe MK5 Panel Overview - Year of Use : Since 2009 to present