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Dynaflow Pifan Fume Cupboard Extraction Fans

Pifan glass reinforced plastic centrifugal fans have been developed for use primarily in fume extraction fans systems for laboratory fume cupboards, hoods, acid tanks and industrial plants where corrosive and hazardous fumes are handled. The capacity of the fans ranges between 100 to 3700 l/s (200 to 8000 cfm).

Series II Fans Range – Fume Cupboard Extract Fans

Designed principally to handle chemical fume extraction fans from fume cupboards, fume hoods, atomic absorption units and tanks. They are a direct drive type fan, available with motor speeds of 950, 1440 and 2580 rpm.

Capability: Volume 100 – 1200 l/s (212 – 2750 cfm); Pressure 50 – 1370 pascals (0.2 – 5.5 WG).

Fan Casings for Fume Extraction Fans

The Pifan Series II centrifugal fume extraction fans are manufactured expressly for the purpose of corrosive fume extraction. As the case is moulded in one piece, from GRP, the absence of joints and seams makes them leakproof. The cases are suitable for a wide temperature range. Stainless steel bolts and nuts are used throughout. The case is either directly coupled to the motor or to a fan base on indirect driven fans.

Impellers for Fume Cupboards Extract Fans

The standard range has forward curved multi-vane type impellers, which have been specially designed for static pressures of up to 1370 pascals. For larger performances, the impellers used are backward curved. Each impeller is carefully checked for true running and dynamically balanced to ensure vibration free operation.

Motors of Fume Extraction Fans

The motors are totally enclosed fan cooled and wound for either single or three phase supple. They are normally weather-proofed. Flame-proof motors are also available.

Bases for Fume Cupbaord Extraction Fans

The Series II direct coupled fans and motors are resiliently mounted on a moulded fan stool, flanged at the foot to take fixing screw or bolts. Bases are completely weather-proof and will not corrode in any weather conditions. Indirect driven units are supplied complete with moulded bearing cover, belt cover and fan stool.


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Dynaflow Pifan Direct Drive Fan Drawing