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Fume Cupboard Testing & Maintenance

Testing & Maintenance:

  • Full Compliance testing of all brands of fume cupboards to AS2243.8 with NATA test reports
  • Preventive Maintenance and breakdown repairs of all brands of fume cupbpards, exhaust fans and duct systems
  • Service and maintenance of fume scrubbers including Auto pH dosing system and Auto dumping system

Web-based Test Record Keeping

    Dynaflow utilizes a Compliance Viewer Software which provides your authorized personnel with following benefits:
  • Test results are stored on Dynaflow’s secure server
  • All past test results can be retrieved easily and quickly
  • Test results can be exported as PDFs format
  • Makes sharing results among laboratory managers simple
  • Helps eliminated paper clutter
  • Results are tamper-proof
  • Software has been approved by NATA
  • Options to provide private login access to all historical test reports