Biological Cabinet Testing Methods

Dynaflow provides a comprehensive range of biological cabinet testing methods, ranging from primary and secondary tests to maintenance services. Some common biological cabinet testing methods are listed below:
  • HEPA Filter Integrity: We test the filters and the system to detect leakage or defects.
  • Inflow & Downflow Velocity Measurements: We assure safe inflow and downflow are maintained during the operation. Hence, the operators are protected from the experiments. At the same time, we also prevent outside contamination from interacting with the experiments.
  • Airflow velocity test: We test the hood quality with visual airflow direction by using visible fog. Thus, we can make sure that airflow is not escaping out.
  • Intensity Tests: These Tests will include Noise Level, UV Light Level (Illuminance), Fluorescent Lighting and Vibration Level.
  • Electrical Safety Tests: Electrical leakage, ground circuit resistance, polarity and ground fault interrupter.
After assessing the safety level of your biological cabinet, we also deliver Repair ServicesDecontamination Methods such as Work Zone Decontamination, Hydrogen Peroxide and Chlorine Dioxide option. Click here to learn more about our Decontamination Service. biological cabinet testing to controlled environment dynaflow  

Why Are Biological Cabinet Tests Necessary?

In microbiological laboratories, there are many chances for infections to happen. For example, common laboratory procedures will be exposed to aerosols, which are mainly responsible for those infections. As a consequence, cabinets must perform properly to prevent the liberation of microorganisms and other biologically hazardous materials from getting into the environment. Therefore, testing is essential to ensure that both workplace and environment are safe.  

Why Use Dynaflow For Biological Safety Cabinets Testing?

Fully Accredited

  • Dynaflow is fully NATA accredited for Biological Safety Cabinet Testing and Laminar Flow Workstations.
  • This includes testing of cleanrooms and workstations to AS 1807.1, .5, .6, .15, .20, .21, .22 and .23 all in compliance with AS 2252.1, .2, .3, .4, .5 and .6

Range Of Biological Cabinet Testing Services

We offer annual compliance biological cabinet testing in 2 classes:
  • Biological Cabinet Class 1 Testing
  • Biological Cabinet Class 2 Testing

Full Service:

  • After conducting tests, Dynaflow will issue a test report. This will include details of the test procedures and equipment, analysis of test data and the nature of any repairs and/or adjustments made to the equipment.
  • Then, we will come up with recommendations and solutions for the future plan of actions.
  • Besides, we also provide customized maintenance process and assist in the test program. Thus, your laboratory will be ensured to operate efficiently and safely.
  • Finally, if required, we will also help install replacement parts during the testing process. However, those replacement parts will be selected to be at least equivalent to those specified for the original installation.
  For additional information about biological cabinet testing, please contact: Nathan Tully B.Biotech (Hons) Email: Mobile: +61 (0) 439 180 259