Dynaflow online fume cupboard awareness training course.

This course caters towards laboratory users working with fume cupboards and assists Laboratory Managers fulfill their duty of care obligations in the training of Fume cupboard users   .

At the end of the course, users will have undergone:

  • Basic introduction to laboratory fume cupboards and its various components
  • Awareness of fume cupboard operations and its safety aspects
  • Effectiveness of fume cupboards for safe containment of hazardous fumes
  • Guidelines for safe and correct usage of a fume cupboard
  • Guidelines for Energy efficient usage of a fume cupboard
  • Helpful Do’s and Don't’s

A certificate of completion will be provided for the user that has successfully completed the course.

Course duration: Approx. 30 – 45 mins.
Language: English.
Audio: Yes.
Assessment: Yes, at end of course.

Cost : A$ 49 per course. Payment can be made with Credit card ( Mastercard, VISA ) prior to commencement of course.

To undertake the training course click on link ( https://dynaflow.learnbook.com.au )

To purchase discounted bulk quantities of training course coupons please send an enquiry to info@dynaflow.com.au