“Nothing Left to Chance”

With over 30 years of fume hood history, it is no surprise many end users choose Dynaflow

Testing and Maintenance Service

Dynaflow specializes in managed maintenance contracts for fume cupboard, fume scrubber, bio safety cabinets and laminar flow cabinets comprising of full compliant testing, preventive maintenance, safety and energy upgrades to all brands to relevant Australian Standards with NATA accredited test reports.

Ancillary Exhaust Systems

Apart from the core business of fume cupboards, Dynaflow can also provide the following ancillary exhaust system associated with fume extraction

Global Reach

“From sub-zero temperatures in Antarctica to searing heat in Qatar, from mines in mountainous Guatemala to the remotest locations in Mongolia, be it on ships sailing the ocean or in modern world class laboratories – The Dynaflow brand of fume cupboard is trusted and proven in 44 countries across the globe”