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Dynaflow is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of flexible fume extraction arms. Whether you need an extraction arm for a lab, warehouse, school or something else, we can help find the right fume extraction arm for you, and facilitate supply and installation. Call our team today for more information.

The Right Fume Extraction Arm for You

We can supply both Nederman and Alsident brand fume extraction arms. Both brands are renowned for producing high-quality fume extraction arms designed with durability and functionality in mind. These arms are intended for use in working environments, but are able to be installed on a smaller scale in school and university laboratories, workshops, beauty salons and more.

    • All arms are available with diameters of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm
    • Available from lengths of 1.1m to 2.4m
    • Larger extraction arms may be considered for sale upon request

Different arms are designed with different purposes in mind, whether you’re extracting fumes, smoke or welding and grinding spray. Be sure to talk to us before buying to work out exactly which kind of fume extraction arm you need.

Full Installation and Maintenance Service

We offer a customised maintenance process and testing program to ensure all your laboratory equipment is running safely and efficiently. We can even replace parts and repair equipment where needed. When you get your extraction arms installed, ask our team for a check-up. We’ll conduct tests and create a report for you detailing the test procedures and equipment tested, as well as our analysis and the nature of any repairs or adjustments that may need to be made. In a high-pressure environment it is imperative that your equipment is in perfect working condition.

Note: Exhaust system could be combined with other ancillary exhaust systems. However, AS2243.8 does not permit combining ancillary exhaust systems with the fume cupboard exhaust system.

Note: Fume Extraction Arms have a significantly higher static pressure drop compared to other ancillary equipment. Particular attention has to be paid to the exhaust fans selection especially when other ancillary equipment is on a common exhaust system.