Dynaflow Fume Scrubber Products

With over 30 years of fume control devices history and installations in over 40 countries, Dynaflow has built its solid reputation over years of design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of fume management control system. To ensure your laboratory safety and protection, choose Dynaflow and trust us for everything in fume control.

Dynaflow offers a complete range of laboratory equipment and services worldwide including universities, schools, mining department and research laboratories.

Moreover, we take great pride in our values through presenting innovative, cost-effective and credible products which are certified and insured.

As concerns for the environment health have been increasingly raised over the years, in addition to new regulations, our laboratory designers and facility operators had to consider new controlling systems in addition of our fume cabinets

fume scrubber

Current : Fume Hood Scrubber, Fume Scrubber

What is a fume scrubber?

Fume Scrubbers are installed in addition to an exhaust system over a fume cupboard. Their main aim is to remove and neutralize harmful substances emitted from laboratory activities. Fume hood scrubbers can effectively reduce concentrations of substances such as water-soluble acid, base and organic contaminants emitted from combustions.

Research & Mining laboratories, schools & universities should have their priority on controlling hazardous emissions. If you are concerned about duct corrosion and other environmental harm factors associated to fume cabinets’ use, you will want to consider Dynaflow solutions. As per Australian Standard AS/NZ 2243.8:2014 it is mandatory to have fume scrubber fitted to fume cupboards designed for work with Perchloric acid and hydrofluoric acid.

It is important to install a compatible fume hood scrubber when constructing a fume management system.

Dynaflow offers users, a broad product range and provides for extensible customizable solutions.

Our scrubbing solutions and the systems we offer are designed and tested by a third party to resist extreme conditions. Our fume scrubber offers excellent air pollution control to eliminate toxic fumes from being released into the atmosphere. The fume hood scrubbers are made of materials highly resistant to corrosion.

Dynaflow is in compliance with all Safety Standards and takes pride in regularly testing all its products to ensure not only compliance but an absolute safety for all operators and clients.

Dynaflow ME600 & ME900 Fume Cupboard (Mist Eliminator)

Dynaflow ME600 & ME900 (Mist Eliminator) – Fume Hood Scrubber

Directly mounted on top of fume scrubber available in two sizes with either auto pH dosing or auto dumping or both options available. Suitable where room ceiling height is not a constrain (at least 3.2 metres high). Unique and highly efficient product for Research & Mining purposes.

fume mist eliminator

Dynaflow CS600 & CS900 (Combined Fume Hood Scrubber)

Stand-alone fume scrubber available in two sizes with either auto pH dosing or auto dumping or both options available. Usually located in the plant room or external to the building when room ceiling height is a limitation (less than 3.2 metres high).