Dynaflow Fume Cupboards Range

With over 30 years of fume cupboards and fume hood history, it is no surprise many end users choose Dynaflow. One of the most effective fume management control system available in the market, Dynaflow solutions are created to ensure the safety of all users.
Dynaflow offers a complete range of laboratory equipment and services worldwide including universities, schools, mining department and research laboratories.
We pride ourself on our values through presenting innovative, cost-effective, credible products which are certified and insured.

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What is a fume cupboard & What are its applications?

A fume cabinet is a ventilation device designed to protect its operators from hazardous fumes. It contains and prevents the spread of toxic fumes, dust and vapours. It is mechanically ventilated by means of exhausting air through the working slot. The exhaust system provides for the safe and remote discharge of diluted fumes outside the building. A fume cupboard or fume cabinet is usually a large piece of equipment with an adjustable height work opening.

Fume cupboards are used widely in laboratories, schools and universities, and are made to capture and remove air-borne hazardous substances (such as toxic or harmful fumes, vapours, gases, dust or chemical aerosols) generated during laboratory experiments. Such experiments should be carried out in a fume cupboard in order to eliminate or reduce the risk of exposure to an acceptable and safe level.

Dynaflow offers an extensive range of fume cupboards for industry professionals.

Dynaflow offers users, a broad product range and provides for extensible customizable solutions.

Fume cupboards are required to be constructed and maintained in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 2243.8 – 2006 Safety in Laboratories – Fume Cupboards. This standard details the requirements for an adequate face velocity for the containment of fumes. An adequate face velocity is defined as being an average of > 0.5 m/s across the cupboard face, with individual readings being within ± 20% of the average. The Australian Standard requires fume cupboards to have their performance tested on a regular basis. Testing of the face velocity together with smoke testing should occur on an annual basis.

Dynaflow is in compliance with all Safety Standards and takes pride in regularly testing all its cupboards to ensure not only compliance but an absolute safety for all operators and clients.

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University Fume Cupboards

Fume cupboards are a major investment for Universities. We provide solutions and customisable size cupboards ensuring safety at all time.

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School & Colleges Fume Cupboards

The cupboards design has been created with education in mind. Developed specifically for school and college purposes, this ducted fume cupboard range is ideal for your teaching environment. This fume cupboard serie is efficient, modern and durable in a learning environment.

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Research & Mining Fume Cupboards

Dynaflow fume cupboards are designed to provide a safe working to laboratories & mining environment. We also offer an extended warranty and team of installers and service technicians.
We have different options in fume cupboard layout, manufacturing material, work surfaces, fittings, exhaust/venting options and fans and air scrubbing products.

Guidelines for working in fume cupboards

As safety is the priority when handling equipment and working in a fume cupboard. We have compiled a list of guidelines for you :

  • Do not work too close to the leading edge (over 10 cm is recommended). To overcome the turbulence created within the fume cupboard, we advise stepping back the larger the item handled is.
  • Minimise the number of items stored in the fume cupboard. if you need to store hazardous materials, use a secondary containment system in case of a spillage.
  • Do not store items behind the working area.
  • When using a fume cupboard, ensure the sash is at the recommended height.
  • Do not put large equipment in the fume cupboard, as they block the baffles and produce regions of zero or low flow in the workspace.
  • Keep room doors closed if they are within 1meter of the fume cupboards.
  • Room ventilation should remain off whenever the fume cupboard is in use.
  • Do not use fume cupboards with a porous bench surface (for example terracotta tiles) for work with radioactive material.
  • Reduce human traffic past the front of the fume cupboard when used, as it could cause turbulence, which may result in fume escape.
  • Do not open windows, which may create currents of air in the locality of the fume cupboard.