Dynaflow has been present in the fume management industry for over 3 decades. With a large range of products sold all over the world, Dynaflow installations have a strong reputation. The company has grown rapidly through its efficient and extraordinary designs. Being responsible and involved for every step of the process with the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of every product, Dynaflow is the company most able to place your trust in. Your laboratory and users will stay safe and protected with our products. Fume management and control is Dynaflow's responsibility.

Our products can be personalised and customised to fit your laboratories whether in a school, university, research centre or mining location.

Additionally, Dynaflow is highly engaged to select the right materials and has been awarded numerous design awards. We are accredited and certified by SAI Global and NATA.

Ductless Fume Cupboard VS Ducted Fume Cupboard

In a ducted fume hood system, there are ducts are usually uPVC incorporated in the system to evacuate the toxic fumes. The ducts are placed inside the walls and ceilings of the installation as much as possible. The fumes will travel through it, from the working area of the cabinet to external of the building.

However, as the name largely implies, a ductless fume hood system doesn’t have ducts to evacuate toxic fumes. Instead of transferring the fumes and air, a ductless system relies on filtration and absorption to remove airborne contaminants released in the cabinet, so that the exhaust air may be safely discharged back into the laboratory atmosphere. It is also known as recirculating fume cabinet are suitable for light to moderate use with limited range of substances. The range of substances for which each recirculating cabinet can be used is limited by the need for compatibility with the particular type of absorber or filter fitted to the cabinet.

As per Australian / New Zealand Standard AS2243.9:2009 – A hazard identification and risk assessment process shall be carried out concerning the chemicals and activities planned for a particular recirculating fume cabinet prior to its purchase.

Dynaflow offers laboratories, a broad product range in fume management and provides for extensible customizable solutions.

When considering the acquisition of a ductless fume cupboard, you first need to ensure the general application is appropriate. A ductless fume cupboard has a more limited use than a ducted cupboard as the fumes aren't evacuated directly.

Complying with all Safety Standards is Dynaflow's priority. We take pride in regularly testing all our products to ensure an absolute safety for all operators and clients in addition to regulations compliance.

Current: Dynaflow REC(Recirculating) 

Dynaflow REC (Recirculating)

Dynaflow Ductless Fume Cupboard available with custom sizes and single-sided doors. Dynaflow Recirculating cabinet are non-portable.

The Dynaflow REC has built-in exhaust fan with constant or variable air volume control. Suitable filters and activated carbon filters are also available.