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  • Stand alone fume scrubber
  • High Efficiency fume scrubbing – test conducted by 3rd party
  • Full Compliance to AS2243.8
  • Combined type fume scrubber generally located in the plant room or external to the building. Most commonly used when laboratory ceiling space does not permit the use of the Mist Eliminator scrubber option
  • Available in 2 standard sizes – 600mm wide to be used up to 2000mm wide fume cupboards and 900mm wide to be used on larger fume cupboards up to 2400mm wide
  • Auto pH dosing option available (to ensure pH level of the neutralizing solution is automatically kept within range for efficeint operation of the scrubber) to avoid periodic manual checking and manual dosing
  • Auto dumping option available (to enable periodic dumping of neutralizing solution and replenishment with fresh water) to avoid periodic manual checking and manual dumping
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Product Name
Dynaflow CS600 & 900 Scrubbers - Product Brochure