Fume Extraction Systems

Dynaflow is a leading supplier of fume extractions systems in Australia. We can supply, install and maintain fume extraction systems for commercial and industrial applications of all sizes. Getting the right system to fit your needs is crucial, and will help you keep your team safe in the workplace. Talk you the team at Dynaflow for all your extraction system needs.

Fume extraction systems are essential for maintaining safety and hygiene in manufacturing plants, factories and more. Dynaflow has a wide range of extraction solutions to suit all needs, from extraction arms that can be positioned where you need them, to fume safety cabinets that isolate and contain fume sources for maximum safety. Our systems can be used independently or connected to the same internal system, depending on the application and where the Australian Standards permit.

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fume cabinet

Full Installation and Maintenance Service

We offer complete installation and maintenance services for all fume extraction systems we stock. Regular maintenance is essential for fume extraction systems, as system failure can lead to toxic chemicals leaking in the air. Call on Dynaflow to ensure all your lab equipment is up and running safely and effectively. We can replace parts, repair and perform upgrades where needed, and provide you with NATA accredited report of all testing that has been and needs to be carried out.

Benefits of Fume Extraction Systems

Cleaner air in the workplace

Extraction arms can be positioned at the source, and fume cupboards can contain the fumes completely, capturing a greater amount of fumes and keeping the air clean. With the inclusion of overhead extraction ventilation systems the air in your workplace will have never been clearer.


With options to suit every workplace, our fume extraction systems can cater to a wide variety of applications.

Increased safety

Removing toxic fumes as fast as possible is essential for maintaining a healthy environment. Additionally, your employees can worry less about fumes and focus more on the job at hand.

Talk to the team at Dynaflow today to get set up with a fume extraction system of your own. We use only the highest quality brands in our systems, with parts sourced from Pratt, Storemasta, Nederman, Alsident and more. Contact us today and get a custom solution for your business.